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Today's military veterans incorporate the basic competencies that DELTA13SEC considers essential, and provide a capacity for performance and reliability that greatly improves our workforce. We recognize your unique skills and experiences, and we want to give you a professional career that allows you to continue to make a difference in our country.

Hiring veterans is a priority for DELTA13SEC for several reasons. Military veterans fully embody DELTA13SEC's core values: teamwork, integrity, discipline, vision, diversity, and winning spirit. 

Veterans of the armed forces tend to be outstanding employees due to their transferable skills, such as work ethic, discipline, and cooperative attitudes.

You have leadership skills and you are a good citizen. You add to the richness and strength of our corporate fabric.

DELTA13SEC is an international security company that in its operations preferentially counts with former members of the Spanish armed forces.

We want you to be part of our operations, so come and meet us.

We offer:

The training necessary to develop this type of missions taking advantage of your previous experience and valuing your curriculum.

Employment in different roles and countries depending on your training, experience and profile.


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