Instituto Sharp

At Delta13Sec we believe that training is at the origin and core of quality and business and personal development.

To this end, the Instituto sharp, embodied in sharp training consultancy, guarantees the continuous training of our operative, technical, executive, our partners and clients, helping to generate a permanent culture of security and Prevention.

The Sharp Institute is organized into six areas of knowledge, which respond to training needs at all levels of responsibility:

University training, in collaboration with the prestigious Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, offers training in the field of the Directorate of Security and Private research, as well as the areas of consultancy, audit, logistics and protection of Critical infrastructure among others.

Habilitation Training: We are homologated 1999 by the Ministry of the Interior to offer the important training of access to the different functions of private security.

Specialization training: With the important specialized training catalogue necessary for security personnel to provide services requiring an extra knowledge and responsibility (air, sea, K9, public spectacles or Sports, etc…)

Updating training: To cope with the constant evolution of the sector, due to technological changes, normative, criminal phenomenology, terrorism, etc., etc.

Training in rescue and emergencies: all the extensive training related to this important area, which includes health training, firefighting, evacuation or emergencies.

Transversal training: All areas of common knowledge related to the business and labor activity of the security sector, such as the prevention of occupational hazards, safety and health, office automation, Administration, service management, controls Intermediates, accounting and a long etcetera.