Every day companies send their Workers to different parts of the world with the aim of expanding or giving Better service to your customers.

We offer the development of Contingency, evacuation and repatriation to emergencies adapted to the Particularities of each client.

We provide the Companies with international interests, all solutions in terms of Security they may need, being two key areas to cover.

  • Safety and protection: both for your expatriate staff and for your Facilities. We provide you with security consultants, directors of Security, escorts, security drivers, security guards, Security systems, etc.
  • Training: Es Something fundamental before sending their workers to another country, to train these In self-protection measures.
    • Local: Training for staff before deploying in medical knowledge area Basics for remote areas, security and environment adaptation (This training It is done in classrooms and in real scenarios.

International: monitoring of training and Update on field security measures.